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Microgreens & Cold pressed Juices

Microgreens, super food!

Microgreens are loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes, containing up to 40-times more nutrients than their mature plants.

The versatility of these super tasty, super nutritious greens make it real easy to add to and compliment any of your favourite meals.

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Cold pressed juices, freshly squeezed, packed with goodness!

Our juices are made with nothing but fresh fruits & vegetables.

No preservatives, conentrates, purees, flavouring or added sugar.

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Popular juices


The high levels of Vitamin A in this juice also helps to repair post-workout microtears, which makes this juice a valuable ally to those who workout every day.


Our Detox juice provides you with great nutrition to support your cleanse programs or to simply top up on your 5-a-day.

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Gut Health

This juice contains several fruits & veg like pineapple, red cabbage & spinach to support and promote a healthy gut.

Our microgreen mixes

Summer Mix

Super Mix

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Spicy Mix